Nuit Draws

Drawings from a third-world concrete jungle

Week 1, Book 1: Truman Capote, “Un árbol de la noche” (Anthology of short stories).
To open this project of one book a week (I know it’s not an original theme, but it lets me keep track on my reading), I decided to start with this book I bought at a sale here in Caracas. The book, which is published by DeBolsillo, a spanish-language branch of Random House, was extremely cheap (20BsF=Aproximately 4 US $ in official Venezuelan currency, 2$ in black market US$).
It is an Anthology of stories of many books by Truman Capote, and includes the famous story “Miriam”. You can’t go wrong with 2$ Capote. If you haven’t read any of his work, this is a good way to start.